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is a business finance consulting company which specializes in government guaranty financing and assisting small business owners to find financing alternatives for their difficult-to-place loans. These include start-up ventures, high-risk industries, companies with special purpose assets, and troubled companies with turnaround potential that are all faced with the inability to readily obtain conventional bank financing.

As a conduit for small business owners, Concepts Consulting has the ability to pull together the resources to make financing a reality by knowing what works and what does not.

Latest SBA News

SBA Awards $100,000
for Veteran-Owned Small Business Growth Pilot Training Program.

We continually update our knowledge of SBA programs and policy that keeps us on the cutting edge of Guaranty financing.

We are respected as the number one SBA loan consultant in our market area as measured with lender feedback.

We have developed a niche in our market area as THE Finance Consulting firm for hard-to-place challenging loans.

We are committed to our clients and responsive to their needs; our clients success is our success.